Advocacy in Action

Safe Kids Washoe County participated in the Safe Kids USA PHOTOVOICE: Children’s Perspectives on Road Traffic Safety program.  This program was designed to teach students the basics of photography, then utilizes those skills to document pedestrian related issues including signage, safe and unsafe observed behaviors, and engineering strategies.

This grant is a continuation of the Photojournalism Project that was introduced in 2008.  The grant was made possible to Safe Kids Washoe County thanks to the continuing generosity of Walk This Way sponsor FedEx.

Students who participated in this project later discussed what they learned, what the impact might be, and what they would like to advocate for based on what they saw, both good and bad.

Things That Made Participants Feel Safe:

  • Stoplights
  • Bright Color
  • Crosswalks
  • Bright Signs – Easy to see at night
  • Watch for Children Signs
  • Drop Off Ahead Sign
  • Cones

Things That Need to be Changed:

  • Fix Curbs
  • Fix Sidewalks, Cracks, Holes, and Missing Parts
  • Fix Roads – Cracks, Holes, Dirt
  • Paint
  • Fire Hydrant and Trees in Sidewalks
  • No Crosswalks
  • Fix Signs

How Children Want to Make Change:

  • Petitions
  • Money/Fundraising
  • Power
  • Better Materials
  • Role Model
  • Get the Word Out – Get Involved
  • Fixing Things That Are Wrong
  • Write Letters
  • Volunteer
  • Protest
  • Walk or Bike to School or Work
  • Ask Mayor to Change Pedestrian Lights to Countdowns
  • Trim Trees That Cover Signs
  • More Signs in the Middle of Crosswalks
  • More Fencing
  • Hunger Strike

What Children Learned:

  • What I learned from photojournalism last year was to wear bright colors or glow in the dark, look both ways before walking across the street.” – Sierra
  • “What I learned is that there’s a lot of different signs and that not all of them are good.  I learned what all of the signs mean.  There was a lot of signs that had some problems like you couldn’t see them, faded or broken down and we want to fix those things.” – Julio
  • What I learned from photojournalism last year was that safety is very important.  If we didn’t have safety, a lot of people would get hurt.  I also learned how to be safe.  I also learned how to walk safely.” – Kristina

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