Biking to school is a great way to introduce your child to the joys of bicycling in a safe environment.  Biking is a fun and independent way to explore your neighborhood. Whether you allow your child to bike alone, in a bike train, with friends or with you- we have provided several ideas and guidelines.

Apart from all the great health benefits associated with biking to work or school, cycling also saves money and helps protect the environment. With the price for gas rising every day, bicycling is a great alternate form of transportation. If you were to bike to work/school for just one day and estimating it is about 10 miles to ride there and back, you would save half a gallon of gas and you would reduce your carbon dioxide emission by 10 pounds!

Here are some highlights of last year’s Bike to Work Week savings:

Estimated benefits to our community and environment include:

  • $5,427.70 saved through lower commute costs
  • 349,200 calories or 99.7 lbs of fat burned
  • 226.6 lbs of carbon monoxide emissions eliminated, and 970 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions eliminated.



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