While Bicycling is very enjoyable, there are dangers and accidents can occur if one is not careful. By following all the safety rules and wearing the appropriate attire and protection gear, the dangers of bicycling are nearly eliminated.

General Bicycle Safety Rules:

  • First a biker must ride on the right with the flow of traffic.
  • A biker needs to yield to traffic in busier lanes. Busier lanes should be given the right of way and once clear, a biker can proceed. This includes using hand signals to indicate when one is about to switch lanes.
  • Try to ride in the right third of the lane furthest to the right.
  • Always use the bike lane (when available)
  • Follow the speed of traffic
  • Allow a sufficient amount of room to maneuver to the right in case of an emergency
  • Never ride in poor road conditions (i.e.- glass and trash infested side lanes, construction zones, etc)
  • When lanes are narrow or the lane is blocked by a vehicle, signal early to ensure a safe merge with the other lane
  • Have a distance of 3 feet from parked cars and other objects
  • Avoid swerving whenever possible and ride in a straight line
  • Keep visible. This includes wearing bright colors and being predictable
  • Always obey all traffic signs, lights, rules and limits just like any other driver!


Locally, our partner agency, the Kiwanis Bikes Program, offers rodeos and low-cost refurbished bikes throughout the year.

Contact them at

(775) 337-1717


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